Starting out

Here’s the thing about getting your first job. You no longer spend every waking minute worrying about being unemployed and secretly cursing your choice of major, and you suddenly have this thing called a disposable income. Ok, so maybe it’s the thing about having a likeable first job. Point is, there’s more room in your life to pursue your hobbies – or even find new ones. And for those of you who managed to pursue hobbies during college, well I’m sure you can bask in your superiority, mmmk?

I’ve always been crazy about decor and home improvement, not out of any real desire to pursue a career in it, but more so because I grew up around parents who were into it. So about a month into my newfound gainful employment, I started thinking back to the interior design course I took before starting college. And then I walked into our living room and decided right away that our deep gray Ikea Karlstad looked really lonely in its unaccessorized enormity. Going back into the bedroom I decided I hated everything about it (probably to the hubby’s relief, since he hated the duvet cover).

I guess I saw his point.

OK he had a point. Don’t think the cat minded, though.

You see where this is going? Yeaa.

See how the couch is far less boring?

See how the couch is far less boring?

It’s been four months since I found HGTV Artistic Stripe Twill Harvest on and sewed up some cushion covers to add to the couch. I decided to document what’s quickly become a real obsession hobby. There isn’t much room for creative pursuits in the investigations field, I’ll tell you that.

I can’t wait to work on more, but first here’s some evidence that owning a pet (or two!) means that things will always be a bit of a work in progress around here:


xo Rucha


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