Twin Peaks San Francisco Rucha Tatke

Through the Lens – February 26, 2014

Part of my quest to address my creative side involves practicing photography. Matt and I got an SLR camera last July, since we both wanted to pursue photography as a hobby. I thought a “Through the Lens” series would be great for non-decor/DIY days, so here goes.

I love cities, always have. I was born in Mumbai and raised in Singapore so really, I don’t know any better, but I couldn’t imagine living outside a city anytime soon. What I love about San Francisco is the unique landscapes you come across – jagged rocks and rough ocean to the west, calm bay waters to the east, and a glorious city in between. In the last couple of days I hauled my camera and tripod with me and explored some of the places I hadn’t been to before.

Twin Peaks San Francisco

Night view from Twin Peaks

I love that I can go from the busy cityscape to a beautiful natural landscape without actually venturing out of the city.

Baker Beach San Francisco

Baker Beach on a cloudy evening

Definitely love being able to call San Francisco home, and can’t wait to explore the Bay Area more. 

xo Rucha


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