Bedroom Evolution: Color Therapy

A few days ago I shared my mirror framing project and showed how it looks in our bedroom. The thing about our bedroom is – I like it, but I don’t love it. It’s cozy, decent-sized and has a door leading to the patio. But it has a door on each corner – patio door, bathroom door, bedroom door and closet door – which ends up limiting space in terms of furniture and decor. It also doesn’t get much natural light (the door to the patio is the only “window” and it has blackout curtains since our neighbors can see inside otherwise), and is painted a grey/tan color. I think. Honestly, I still can’t really tell what the paint color is but all in all, the room gets kind of cave like. And since I have a desktop computer, I can’t just take my work/internet browsing to our far brighter living room, which can get a bit depressing.

Looks pretty greige

Looks pretty greige to me

What I do love, is that we have landlords who don’t mind us painting our room. I’ve never had a rental experience that allowed me to paint so needless to say I’m psyched. I’ve also never painted a room before, so while Matt insists that it’s a pain, I’m still excited. I’ll probably curse this whole idea when we actually get to it, because I’m sure he’s right.

Our initial plans were to paint it a light lavender/purple shade, something that would complement the purple and gray in the headboard and pillow. I also wanted to paint the walk-in closet mint to make it a little brighter. My inspiration was the Kitchen Makeover at Two Twenty One, which showed up in my Google search for mint rooms:

Mint Condition Two Twenty One Blog

When I suggested the mint closet idea to Matt, he decided he loved the idea of mint for the whole room, which I was totally okay with. After looking at a bunch of Sherwin Williams swatches, we ended up going with Mint Condition (the same one used in the above makeover). Part of the reason I picked the deep stain for the mirror frame was because I figured the deep tone would go beautifully with the airy mint.

The walls of our room are also a little bare at the moment, and we’ve been meaning to get something to hang above our headboard. We picked out an stretched canvas print of Carolyn Renolds’ Golden Forest because of the beautiful golden colors and the hint of blue-green sky that I think will go wonderfully with the new wall color:

Golden Forest canvas

We picked the art out before pinning down a paint color, so it factored into our decision. I briefly debated DIYing some art at first but I’m really glad we picked this print out instead. I doubt I could recreate anything along those lines!

We’re planning on painting the room this weekend, so I’ll post with updates!

xo Rucha


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