Bedroom Evolution: Mood Board

I hoped to have a completed painted room by the time I wrote this, but when both you and your partner have full time jobs (Matt even worked this weekend) and busy weekends, it’s a little hard to do. Our Saturday focused on painting and pretty much my least favorite part was getting the painter’s tape around all our trim and outlets. It was also my first time doing it, so I went a lot slower than Matt would have liked, so I told him to relax while I finished up taping. I couldn’t reach the ceiling with our small step stool, but he figured he could work without it. Which brings us to the current beige-grey stripe below the ceiling that’s been driving me insane for the last 2 days.

I didn’t take a picture of the stripe because I’m trying to pretend it doesn’t exist, but here’s a glamor shot (notof me mid-paint job:


I think you can actually see a bit of the stripe on the upper right hand corner. At least it distracts from my extremely weird angle.

Anyway, since we haven’t quite finished up painting, I turned my attention to the other things that need fixing up in this room. Well apart from the carpet, which is another thing I try to pretend doesn’t exist.

Last week I fixed up our mirror, as you can see in the above picture, our headboard is upholstered. It’s called Cascade in Agate and has hints of purplish-navy, lavender, various grays and lime. The lime looks pretty faint for the most part so it doesn’t clash with our mint walls, and the focus remains on the purples/blues and grays. Since we have a deep brown stained wooden mirror frame and a gray-brown Hemnes desk, I want to stick with somewhat classic furniture and decor. Which means I need to get rid of this MDF monstrosity that’s been doubling as my nightstand for the past couple of months:

Storage Cube

Adding the to utter blah of it all are these black out curtains:


I know they look kind of mauve, but they’re really kind of olive-brown. Now, the fact that they’re black out curtains is fantastic, because they cover up a full glass patio door that our neighbors can watch us sleep through. As can the people living in the building next door. But I hate the color, and I hate how they let in absolutely no light if I want the slightest bit of privacy.

I wasn’t kidding when I said the room needed some love.

Safe to say I’ve been going over ideas for how to fix up my not-quite-a-nightstand, and what I really want to do about the curtains. The carpet is unfortunately something I’ll have to deal with because we live in a rental. So I whipped up a mood board (and by whipped up I mean I finally learned how to make one, hooray for new skills) so I could get my ideas together.

Mood Board Mint Walls Decor

I’m toying with adding both venetian wood blinds and curtains, and I love the pattern and style, it’s one of Kate Riley (Centsational Girl)’s fabrics on Spoonflower, but I’m not sure I’m sold on the gray. I also prefer the brown Lindmon blinds at Ikea, but they’d defeat the purpose of switching out the curtains, while white ones would brighten up the room.

I think tackling the nightstand might just be my next step, while I mull over everything else!

xo Rucha


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