Through the Lens: April 7, 2014

Sometimes DIY can be incredibly frustrating, even when the project isn’t too big. More so when you’re blogging about it and set deadlines for yourself. Ever since I posted about updates in our bedroom, I’ve been trying to figure out what to do with that awful storage cube thing. I had a few ideas, but I kept running over them again and again. When I finally got to working on it, I ran into some issues half-way.  I’ll post about that soon enough, but this weekend, I decided to just let that project be for a few days, and focus on my camera.

mussel rock beach sunset

I went out to Mussel Rock Beach a couple weeks ago with a photography group, to do sunset photography for the first time, and worked on those photos this past weekend. Photography can be an equally frustrating hobby, but sitting through the cold, taking hundreds of photos just to end up with a couple good ones…it’s all worth it when you step back and appreciate how beautiful nature is, and how incredible it is to be able to capture it. It’s landscapes like these that allow me to take a breather, re-energize and be newly motivated to tackle my projects.

mussel rock beach sunset


xo Rucha


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