Of Mishaps and Do-Overs

Sometimes you obsess over a project for days or weeks, tweaking it in your head, looking for more inspiration, making sure it’s perfect. Then you go out to buy the stuff you need, only, you don’t quite get it. That’s kind of what happened to me last week. I set up an online order at Home Depot for an in-person pick up, bribed my roommate with In N Out so I could get a ride (I don’t drive…yet) and ended up with precisely half the stuff I needed for a couple of projects.

See, our apartment was apparently built for people over 6 feet tall. This means that our kitchen cabinets are horribly high, and so are the bars in the closet. I literally have a step stool in there (indefinitely borrowed from the roommate) so I can get my clothes every morning. A) that makes me feel about 5 years old. B) It’s beyond annoying. Since I have some scrap wood lying around, I figured, why not build a clothes rack? It isn’t the most original project – I like the look of the pipe/wood racks that every DIYer and their mother has built.

Source: Smitten Studio

I do want to tweak it some, I’m not a fan of how black pipe looks, and I’m thinking of doing a color wash for the wood. But what I’m missing are the flanges. Somehow the inventory said they had 27 in stock, but not one was to be found. My only guess is someone really wanted 27 flanges for a random (asymmeterical) project, but decided at the last minute they’d rather leave them behind in the gardening section or something.

With a Saturday BBQ and Sunday’s Bay to Breakers this weekend, I completely forgot to go to the corner hardware store and see if they had what I needed. I also wanted a giant piece of plywood for a coffee table project, which Home Depot didn’t have, and I might have to order online. I really don’t want an 8 foot piece of plywood delivered to my doorstep – for me to cut down – so I’m going to try my luck at other stores first. This is the table we have:

Source: Amazon

Unfortunately for me, it looks way nicer in that product photo than it does in real life. It has really modern lines so I  don’t want to plank it, but it definitely need a new top to cover up the chipped melamine.

To add to all of that, I got a gorgeous used end table from Move Loot, but due to some confusion (and me not being home during the delivery), they also dropped off a full blown couch. So I came home on Saturday afternoon to find a giant leather couch in my living room, along with an end table that – and this was my bad – was a smidge too tall to really work as an end table.

Living Room Disaster

The bikes certainly add to the flair. Oh and thankfully, the couch was taken off our hands the same day.

I did manage to score a nice accent rug from Joss and Main for our bedroom, and it’s going to look fabulous against our mint walls.

Surya Latika

…Which means I have to redo our headboard and accent pillows which, if you recall, are lime green, gray and purple. There are also other tweaks I’ll be making (especially since the not-end table will probably be relegated to the not-living area) so here’s a brief run-down of what I have in mind:

– Re-finish accent table and use it for storage in the closet
– Makeover coffee table
– Build clothing rack
– Build an accent/end table for living room?
– Work on gallery wall (long-term)
– New lighting ideas
– Bedroom tweaks

Hopefully I have at least one of these knocked off in the next week. Fingers crossed I get my supplies this time around!

xo Rucha


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