Bedroom Evolution: Storage solutions

Every time a long weekend comes up I tell myself I should get ahead on multiple projects. What generally ends up happening instead is that I make plans with people and go out to enjoy the weather or occasionally just veg out at home and relax. Tough life.

This past weekend I managed to carve out a little bit of time though, because the sheer irritation of climbing up a step stool to get my clothes finally caught up with me.

A few months back, when I first toyed with the idea of this blog, I bought some scrap wood off Craigslist on a whim. I didn’t use it for my mirror or nightstand projects, but it finally came in handy. The planks I had on hand were knotty and generally not in the best shape, but they were right for what I needed. This afternoon, after getting back from my first (and possibly last) spin class, I got to work staining the wood. I wanted something different from the Provincial shade, because our bedroom also has a Hemnes desk in gray-brown, and I didn’t want it to be the odd man out. Instead of buying a new stain, I mixed up a paint wash with one part water and one part Sherwin Williams Grays Harbor.

sneak peek-2

I used white hardware (spray painted white) to contrast against the gray wash, and added brass screws to keep with the warm tones.

Also, spray painting pipe is horrible and I might not ever do it again in my life.

I faced a problem at this point (of course!) The piece was somehow slightly top heavy and kept swaying. I just removed one of the planks from the top board to remedy that. I won’t really be needing that space for a ton of storage, and adding a top plank was mainly an aesthetic choice anyway. It was easy to remove one plank because they were simply held together by the metal brackets.

top view-2

I do love how the brass screws look, and I’m considering filling the rest of the holes with more.

assembled rack-2

Don’t mind the Catniss-bomb, she always gets in the way when I’m doing these things. She especially loves tiny screws, which is a lovely source of panic on my end.

I’ve yet to add casters to the bottom but those will go on when I move this into the closet. I’m also not the biggest fan of how the pipe tees look, so this project will probably be tweaked in the future. But for now, I’m just happy I have a space for my clothes that isn’t ten feet in the air.

xo Rucha


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