Fear and Inspiration

Source: Pinterest

That’s the headboard I want. In the near future. Note the use of the word “near”.

I’ve been terrible about posting lately. It’s not for a lack of ideas or projects, but somehow I haven’t been able to wrangle the time and energy to actually do them. Part of it is probably because a couple of weeks ago I started a new fitness club membership and I’ve been trying harder to cook at home for most of my meal. Which means I haven’t had too much time to blog, since I don’t intend to make this a fitness blog anytime soon (or ever).

But frankly, that’s a bit of an excuse. When I started this blog, I wanted a place to document not just projects that I worked on, but also inspiration and ideas. I certainly have a veritable laundry list of those, like that headboard above.

I spend enough time looking through other sources for inspiration, but I realize that instead of talking about it here, I save them to my email and don’t look at them until I decide I want to tackle them.

And with wanting to tackle those ideas comes fear. My first couple projects, I was more excited than anything else, and just wanted to get things done. A few months in, I know that every task and every project comes with some sort of screw up to learn from. I’m no pro, and sometimes its obvious. And lately that’s been stopping me from tackling the simplest things.

When else am I going to learn, though? Making mistakes while living in a rental where I can’t do (much) permanent damage is the best situation, right? Right here is where I learn and grow and all that jazz. So with that in mind, I’m going to start posting more often. I definitely haven’t been idle, so stay tuned tomorrow for a couple of updates that I’ll be putting the finishing touches on tonight.

Maybe the post after that will feature the headboard. Okay not really but it’s high on my list because it’s so pretty.

xo Rucha


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