The Little Things

I’m back!

Okay, so I never intended to go anywhere. After stressing over the headboard project, I took a little breather that snowballed. And since I’m not renovating or redoing a house that I own, it was easy to not feel any urgency.

There were a couple of tweaks along the way, and some days, the small things are the ones that make you the happiest.

When I last posted about the living room, one thing was nagging at me – how much red was in the room.

stikwood reclaimed weathered woodThe copper candle holders, the red coaster, the five bright pillows and the red blanket – they really amped up the red in the room. The size of the pillows wasn’t really making me happy either, they were too small by themselves. So I used two of them pillow forms for decorative bed pillows to complement the new headboard, and bought a couple of larger pillow inserts for the living room.

I knew I wanted something neutral for those – between the slate blue of the rug, the remaining pillows and the decorative accents, there’s a fair bit of color going on around the seating area that I wanted to tone down. Luckily, I had leftover fabric from the (rather poor) upholstery job on my desk chair, and it was perfect.

Neutral pillow script fabricI love the script, and I think the style complements the weathered wood on the coffee table.

Pillow updateSo much better.

The downstairs nook also got a bit of a refresh, with two new photos – fireworks that I captured on the 4th of July.

4th of July Bay Bridge photographyYou can get a better look at one of them here if you like. See the Bay Bridge photo (taken by Matt!) here.

My favorite update of the last two months only happened a couple of weeks ago. My friend and stylist Teagan Squires (if any of you live in the Bay Area, go to him, he works magic with hair) also has a knack for painting, and I made him an offer on this beauty:

Teagan Squires art painting red lips ladyShe’s beautifully painted on canvas and I just had to have her. Plus, our once sad and lonely hallway now has some punch.

I said before that we needed more art around the house. But I want to take my time to collect pieces that are unique and that Matt and I both love.

This painting really what spurred me to blog again after my inadvertent hiatus. It’s been a bit of a balancing act between work, my social life, the projects, and keeping myself healthy and happy. But the little things are as worthy of a place on this blog, as the larger projects – something I should keep in mind.


xo Rucha

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