Wishlist Wednesday

Half my time on my computer – assuming I’m not doing work, reading Buzzfeed or watching Netflix – is spent looking around different corners of the internet for design inspiration. It isn’t always about interior design or decor, or about DIY; some things I find are amazing innovations in architecture, beautiful paintings and new art and photography. Some of these things are pretty to look at or inspiring to read about, but others also have me thinking of new ideas to play around with.

Sometimes those ideas also get tucked away only to be remembered months later, but that’s a different story.

But part of finding a cool thing is being able to talk about it. I’ve toyed with blogging about finds before, but I realized that a lot of things I look at or covet – I don’t necessarily covet for myself. They’re just cool, or things that someone else might love in their home.

Which is how Wishlist Wednesdays became a thing in my mind. I don’t want to talk about stuff I want for myself – mainly because half the stuff I want, I’m not going to buy. Our apartment is sadly not a magical bottomless pit, nor is our bank account. I mean, I don’t really need that pool table that converts into a dining table as needed. Maybe.

In any case, that won’t stop me from window shopping, and maybe someone else might stumble upon a post and see something they like.

(I feel like now is the right time to point out that none of this would be sponsored or affiliate links, I just like looking at cool things.)

Yesterday I posted about a gorgeous new painting gracing our home. In light of that (and in the spirit of supporting artists), I want to put the spotlight on two artists whose work I absolutely love.

The first is a 5 year old girl. I’m sure a lot of people might have seen articles about Iris Grace, an autistic girl in the UK who does some incredible work with the companionship of her gorgeous kitten Thula. It’s a match made in cuteness heaven.

I actually would love to have an original painting, but it’s currently auctioning at way more than my rent, so in the next couple months, I hope to have the largest print of my favorite so far:

Iris Grace Painting Octavia thula autistic girl paints

Source: Iris Grace Painting

All her work is skillfully layered and yet avoids being muddy. I’m pretty fascinated, and definitely biased towards the Impressionist-like style. I urge anyone reading this to at least read Iris Grace’s story, and if possible, support the work her parents are putting into raising awareness about autism.

The second artist I wholeheartedly want to support is Zaria Forman – creator of the beautiful paintings masquerading as photos in House of Cards. (Sidenote: if you haven’t seen House of Cards, stop reading and go do that. Just kidding, finish this post and then go watch it.)

Zaria Forman’s technique results in jaw-dropping photorealistic pieces, and I couldn’t believe it when I first read about her work. It’s hard to find a favorite, so make sure you check out all of them on her site. Her originals can be bought through certain art dealers – and that is a dream that goes beyond today’s Wishlist. However, prints are available through her ArtStar page. Forman’s paintings are larger than life in such a way that in my opinion, only a large print will do them any justice. Here’s my favorite of her work:

Zaria Forman photorealistic painting Maldives limited edition artstar

Source: Art Star – Zaria Forman

Forman’s paintings also highlight climate change concerns, and it’s great to see that she’s involved in the cause.

I love reading about unique people and interesting backgrounds, and these two artists have been on my radar for a couple of months. I can’t wait until I can showcase some of their work in my home.

xo Rucha

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