Halloween 2014: Party Edition

I hope everyone had a great time celebrating Halloween this weekend – whether you went out or stayed in with your favorite horror movies.

I don’t do horror movies (and when I do it’s always a terrible idea), and we had a party to throw in any case. I had a busy week, not least because of the World Series (go SF Giants!) and prepping the decorations.

The wood-burning pen that I mentioned I ordered from Darby Smart arrived on Thursday, and I had some fun playing around with it. It takes some practice, especially when trying the different pen tips in the kit I bought – fine point, calligraphy, shading and angled. I decided to make a “Happy Halloween” sign on a scrap piece of wood as a test run.

happy halloween sign wood burningI traced the stencil I found on the wood base with an X-Acto knife – which took forever. In hindsight, I should have done a pencil transfer.

I went over the outline with the calligraphy tip, as it had a thicker point that didn’t get stuck in the grooves like the fine point tip would have. The shading and burning took no time at all – I just had to adjust the pressure and length of time I held the pen to the wood according to how dark I wanted the burn, as well as how soft that portion of the wood was.

Happy halloween 2014 wood burned signI added a little bat outline for fun, and stuck a silicone pumpkin sticker I found at Daiso.

I had a couple other Halloween themed stencils that I found online, and this time I used a pencil transfer. I simply traced and colored in the images on the other side of the paper, pressed that side to the wood, and ran an eraser over the printed image. The pressure from the eraser transferred the charcoal from the pencil onto the wood, which I then ran my wood-burning pen over.

halloween decoration wood burned imagesMy favorite is definitely the adorable Grim Reaper.

I also bought some decorative gourds and pinecones, some of which I painted white and others got the gilding treatment with some handy Rub N’ Buff. I wanted some decorations to transfer over to the holiday season rather than packing them up for a year, so I didn’t go for any spooky touches.

halloween tablescape decor Since this was going to be a late-night party with no kids, I kept the decorations to a minimum. A large part of the coffee table was dedicated to none other than Witches’ Brew:

dry ice in punch witches' brew halloween 2014We used up six pounds of dry ice over the course of the night in order to keep the punch bubbling. It was definitely the attraction of the night.

RAV_2168I took these pictures before the lights were lowered and people started arrive, so bear with the very non-Halloween-like atmosphere. There was definitely fog juice and a greenish glow involved later on.

I did add some fake cobwebs and additional stickers around random corners of the apartment.

halloween fake spiderwebs yarn I made them out of yarn and skewers, and they were inspired by a tutorial over on Small for Big.

Oh and let’s not forget my favorite DIY of the night, shot glass mummies:

shot glass mummies halloweenThey were an amusing little touch.

We also have porthole windows in the living room that needed some love.

etched glass window decoration halloweenI used some etching cream to frost a witch atop a broomstick onto the jar – it kind of came out a little lumpy because I wasn’t very careful with my stencil, but still had a cool effect with the lit candle.

All it took to decorate for our party was some leftover paint, Rub N’ Buff (you could use liquid lead or metal leaf too), etching cream, some skewers and yarn. Well and the stickers and wood-burning pen, but I already had everything else on hand. You have to love simple ideas! It’s always fun to make some changes around the house, and the holidays are definitely prime time for that. We decided to have a Christmas tree this year, and I’ve never actually had a Christmas tree or decorated one in my own place, so I’m excited.

In other news, I’m so happy to say that I’ve been accepted as a designer at Darby Smart. I’m really looking forward to coming up with ideas for projects, this time for others.

xo Rucha







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