Through the Lens: April 7, 2014

Sometimes DIY can be incredibly frustrating, even when the project isn’t too big. More so when you’re blogging about it and set deadlines for yourself. Ever since I posted about updates in our bedroom, I’ve been trying to figure out what to do with that awful storage cube thing. I had a few ideas, but I kept running over them again and again. When I finally got to working on it, I ran into some issues half-way.  I’ll post about that soon enough, but this weekend, I decided to just let that project be for a few days, and focus on my camera.

mussel rock beach sunset

I went out to Mussel Rock Beach a couple weeks ago with a photography group, to do sunset photography for the first time, and worked on those photos this past weekend. Photography can be an equally frustrating hobby, but sitting through the cold, taking hundreds of photos just to end up with a couple good ones…it’s all worth it when you step back and appreciate how beautiful nature is, and how incredible it is to be able to capture it. It’s landscapes like these that allow me to take a breather, re-energize and be newly motivated to tackle my projects.

mussel rock beach sunset


xo Rucha

iluxo, SF modern wall clock, laser cut

April Foolery

I’ve always been too lazy to carry out a truly elaborate April Fool’s Day prank. I also tend to appreciate the simple ones, like the one my coworker completely got me with (pretend you have brownies for everyone and offer up a plate that has a brown “E” on it. I was left miserably brownie-less.) But when I was staring at our blank living room wall trying to figure out how to spruce it up, I thought of the perfect prank. Decor-wise, I was thinking of creating a gallery wall with some of our photography, and any artwork our roommate might pick. Prank-wise, well, I still wanted a gallery wall, but a slightly different one. Now that I’ve done it, I can share it with the internet!

I’ve known my roommate since freshman year of college, and we’re good friends, which is why our living situation works. It doesn’t hurt that he and Matt get along really well. But still, it can’t be fun living with a couple (married, no less) at times. So this morning, I got a whole bunch of photos printed – couple-y photos, and photos of our cats. Some of them had our friends and family, but I was careful to make sure our roommate wouldn’t be in a single one. When he got home, he was greeted with this:

Gallery wall, april fool


Now, our roommate is incredibly understanding and supportive of my desire to change things around the apartment. As long as it doesn’t get in his way, it’s all good. So initially, he just figured, “Oh cool, she decorated, and hey, I recognize some of these!” That kind of turned into the dawning realization that this was the decorating choice of third wheel nightmares. I knew he wouldn’t say anything for a couple of days at least so I eventually let him in on it, mainly because I’m unaware of the concept of patience.

And that’s how I managed to score two pranks today. Oh wait, right, I freaked Matt out with this.

So, that wall. It looks so much better with artwork/photos on it, doesn’t it?

Gallery wall living room

Of course, it’ll look better with larger framed art, the prank gallery wall looks kind of dinky. The piece of art sitting on top of the bookcase was actually a wedding present from my dad’s uncle, who’s an artist, so I’ll be adding it to the plan. The clock is something I got from the Iluxo shop on, and I absolutely love it.

iluxo, SF modern wall clock, laser cut

It’s laser-cut wood, and can be wall-mounted. I love it when framed art arrangements are broken up by other interesting details, and I think this will be perfect for that. I’m also not fond of gallery walls that are far too cluttered (in my eyes). Here are some that I think are really tastefully done:

This one includes the thermostat, which I would love to do if ours weren’t so close to the door:

xo Rucha

Twin Peaks San Francisco Rucha Tatke

Through the Lens – February 26, 2014

Part of my quest to address my creative side involves practicing photography. Matt and I got an SLR camera last July, since we both wanted to pursue photography as a hobby. I thought a “Through the Lens” series would be great for non-decor/DIY days, so here goes.

I love cities, always have. I was born in Mumbai and raised in Singapore so really, I don’t know any better, but I couldn’t imagine living outside a city anytime soon. What I love about San Francisco is the unique landscapes you come across – jagged rocks and rough ocean to the west, calm bay waters to the east, and a glorious city in between. In the last couple of days I hauled my camera and tripod with me and explored some of the places I hadn’t been to before.

Twin Peaks San Francisco

Night view from Twin Peaks

I love that I can go from the busy cityscape to a beautiful natural landscape without actually venturing out of the city.

Baker Beach San Francisco

Baker Beach on a cloudy evening

Definitely love being able to call San Francisco home, and can’t wait to explore the Bay Area more. 

xo Rucha